Computer Videos
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The videos show the results of computer simulations carried out with respect to different applications, such as swarming, biological motion, formation of networks and others.

Please note, that the videos are intended to illustrate dynamic phenomena in a scientific context rather than fake a virtual reality.

The videos can be viewed with any browser that supports a graphical interface, such as Netscape or Internet Explorer. However, for dynamic phenomena, the transfer rate over the internet is most critical. You should reach about 7 Kbytes/sec, in order to get a dynamic impression.

Please note, that the Copyright for all videos is reserved by the authors. Thus, no distribution is allowed without written permission.

Moving Swarm (1)

Moving Swarm (2) 

Moving Swarm with Harmonic Interactions

Network Simulation with Brownian Agents

Simulation of Foraging Ants with Brownian Agents


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