Frank Schweitzer:

Active Brownian Particles with Internal Energy Depot
Traffic and Granular Flow '99: Social, Traffic, and Granular Dynamics
(Eds. D. Helbing, H. J. Herrmann, M. Schreckenberg, D. E. Wolf)
Springer, Berlin 2000, pp. 161-172

Active motion relies on the supply of energy. In order to turn passive into active motion, we need to consider mechanisms of energy take-up, storage and conversion. A suitable approach which considers both the energetic and stochastic aspects of active motion is provided by the model of Active Brownian particles. For a supercritical supply of energy these particles are able to move in a ``high velocity'' or active mode, which results in deviation from the Maxwellian velocity distribution. We investigate different types of complex motion of active Brownian particles moving in external potentials. Among the examples are the occurence of stochastic limit cycles, transitions between Brownian and directed motion, the ``uphill'' motion against the direction of an external force, or the establishment of positive or negative net currents in a ratchet potential, dependent on energy supply and stochastic influences.

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