Frank Schweitzer, Robert Mach, Heinz Mühlenbein:

Adaptation of Strategies in a Spatial IPD
P. Dittrich, J. Kim (Eds):
First International Workshop on Social Life - SOLI'03
14 September 2003 Dortmund, Germany
7th European Conference on Artificial Life. Workshops and Tutorials, pp. 65-75

We investigate the adaptation of cooperating strategies in an iterated Prisoner's Dilemma (IPD) game. The deterministic IPD describes the interaction of N agents spatially distributed on a lattice, which are assumed to only interact with their four neighbors, hence, local configurations are of great importance. Particular interest is in the spatial-temporal distributions of agents playing different strategies, and their dependence on the number of consecutive encounters n_g during each generation. We show that above a critical n_g, there is no coexistence between agents playing different strategies, while below the critical n_g coexistence is found.

web-ecal-ipd2-fin.pdf (PDF file: 227 kB)


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