Frank Schweitzer, Werner Ebeling, Benno Tilch:

Complex Motion of Brownian Particles with Energy Depots
Physical Review Letters 80/23 (1998) 5044-5047

We investigate the motion of Brownian particles which have the ability to take up energy from the environment, to store it in an internal depot and to convert internal energy into kinetic energy. The resulting Langevin equation includes an additional acceleration term. The motion of the Brownian particles in a parabolic potential is discussed for two different cases: (i) continous take-up of energy, (ii) take-up of energy at localized sources. If the take-up of energy is above a critical value, we found a limit-cycle motion of the particles, which, in case (ii), can be interrupted by stochastic influences. Including reflecting obstacles, we found for the deterministic case a chaotic motion of the particle.

05.40.+j, 05.45+b

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