Economic Dynamics from the Physics Point of View

Special Issue of Physica A  (vol. 287, no. 3-4, 2000)

Guest Editors: Frank Schweitzer, Dirk Helbing

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Guest Editorial iv-v
Frank Schweitzer, D. Helbing  


I. Time Series Analysis of Economic Data  


Quantifying Fluctuations in Economic Systems by Adapting Methods of Statistical Physics 339-361
H. E. Stanley

Scaling and Correlation in Financial Time Series 362-373
P. Gopikrishnan, V. Plerou, Y. Liu, L. A. N. Amaral, X. Gabaix, H. E. Stanley
A Random Matrix Theory Approach to Financial Cross-Correlations 374-382
V. Plerou, P. Gopikrishnan, B. Rosenow, L. A. N. Amaral, H. E. Stanley
Extracting Meaningful Information from Financial Data 383-395
M. Rajkovic
Empirical Evidence of Long-Range Correlations in Stock Returns 396-404
P. Grau-Carles
The First 20 Minutes in the Hong Kong Stock Market 405-411
Z.-F. Huang  

  Identification of Clusters of Companies in Stock Indices via Potts Super-Paramagnetic Transitions
L. Kullmann, J. Kertesz, R. N. Mantegna
Intraday Patterns and Local Predictability of High Frequency Financial Time Series 420-428
L. Molgedey, W. Ebeling
The Entropy as a Tool for Analysing Statistical Dependences in Financial Time Series 429-439
G. A. Darbellay, D. Wuertz
Dynamics of Competition between Collectivity and Noise in the Stock Market 440-449
S. Drozdz, F. Grümmer, A. Z. Gorski, F. Ruf, J. Speth  


II. Modeling and Simulation of Economic Systems  


Truncated Levy Distribution of SP500 Stock Index Fluctuations. Distribution of One-Share Fluctuations in a Model Space 450-460
M. Y. Romanovsky
Derivation of One-Dimensional Hydrodynamic Model for Stock Price Evolution 461-467
C. Vamos, N. Suciu, W. Blaj
Fractional Calculus and Continuous-Time Finance II: The Waiting-Time Distribution 468-481
F. Mainardi, M. Raberto, R. Gorenflo, E. Scalas
Fractional Market Dynamics 482-492
N. Laskin
Speculative Bubbles and Crashes in Stock Markets: An Interacting Agent Model of Speculative Activity 493-506
T. Kaizoji
Evolutionary Financial Market Models 507-523
A. Ponzi, Y. Aizawa
A Trading Strategy with Variable Investment from Minimizing Risk to Profit Ratio 524-538
S. Liehr, K. Pawelzik  

  Physics of Fashion Fluctuations
R. Donangelo, A. Hansen, K. Sneppen, S.R. Souza
Spatial Competition and Price Formation 546-562
K. Nagel, M. Shubik, M. Paczuski, P. Bak
Hits and Flops Dynamics 563-576
G. Weisbuch, D. Stauffer
A Probablistic Framework for Hysteresis 577-586
M. Grinfeld, L. Piscitelli, R. Cross
Chaos Control in Economical Model by Time-Delayed Feedback Method 587-598
J. A. Holyst, K. Urbanowicz
Stochastic Urn Models of Innovation and Search Dynamics 59Qch Dynamics N="TOP" WIDTH=669>W. Ebeling, L. Molgedey, A. Reimann  


III. Opinion Formation and Decision Making  


Simulating the Coordination of Individual Economic Decisions 613-630
A. Nowak, M. Kus, J. Urbaniak, T. Zarycki
Phase Transitions as a Persistent Feature of Groups with Leaders in Models of Opinion Formation 631-643
K. Kacperski, J. A. Holyst
From Individual Choice to Group Decision Making 644-659
S. Galam, J.-D. Zucker
Abstention in Dynamical Models of Spatial Voting 660-668
B. M. R. Stadler
Decision Dynamics in a Traffic Scenario 669-682
J. Wahle, A. Bazzan, F. Klügl, M. Schreckenberg
List of Contributors 682
List of Participants 683-687
Index of Authors and Papers to Volume 287 688-691

Frank Schweitzer