Complex Dynamics in Economics

Special Issue of Advances in Complex Systems  

vol. 4, no. 1 (2001) - ISSN 0219-5259

Guest Editors: Frank Schweitzer, Dirk Helbing

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  Table of Contents  (PDF for download)

Guest Editors' Introduction 1-2
Frank Schweitzer, D. Helbing  


Trading Behavior and Excess Volatility in Toy Markets 3-17
M. Marsili, D. Challet

Percolation Models of Financial Market Dynamics 19-27
D. Stauffer
Multi Agent Market Modeling of Foreign Exchange Rates 29-43
H. G. Zimmermann, R. Neuneier, R. Grothmann
Forecasting Price Increments Using an Artificial Neural Network 45-56
F. Castiglione
Spectral Regularization, Data Complexity and Agent Behaviour 57-70
A. Ilyinsky
Dynamics of Economic and Technological Search Processes in Complex Adaptive Landscapes 71-88
W. Ebeling, Karmeshu, A. Scharnhorst
New Results in a Self-Organized Model of Technological Evolution 89-100
G. Oron, A. Arenas, A. Díaz-Guilera, X. Guardiola, M. Llas, C. J. Pérez, F. Vega-Redondo    
Firms Decision Making Process in an Evolutionary Model of Industrial Dynamics 101-125
W. Kwasnicki
The Evolution of Industrial Clusters - Simulating Spatial Dynamics 127-147
Th. Brenner, N. Weigelt
The Growth Dynamics of German Business Firms 149-162
J. Voit
A Dynamic Theory of a Firm: An Application of ``Economic Forces'' 163-176
M. Estola  


Frank Schweitzer