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Biological Problems

Frank Schweitzer
Brownian Agents and Active Particles. On the Emergence of Complex Behavior in the Natural and Social Sciences
Foreword by J. Doyne Farmer
Berlin: Springer (Springer Series in Synergetics), 2003, 420 pp. 192 illus. (ISBN 3-540-43938-2)

Frank Schweitzer (ed.)
Self-Organization of Complex Structures: From Individual to Collective Dynamics
Foreword by Hermann Haken
part 1: Evolution of Complexity and Evolutionary Optimization,
part 2: Biological and Ecological Dynamcis, Socio-Economic Processes, Urban Structure Formation and Traffic Dynamics
London: Gordon and Breach, 1997, 596+xxiv pp. (ISBN 90-5699-027-6)

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    Also included in: Virtual Journal of Biological Physics Research 4/5 (September 1, 2002) and Virtual Journal of Nanoscale Science & Technology 6/10 (September 2, 2002)    (Video)

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